This Mobile Website was constructed for one of our associate businesses. It [the site] allows existing clients to keep in touch whilst on the move, for up-to-date information concerning a transaction, making a quick holiday-accommodation reservation enquiry or, simply sharing an experience.

Your customers, wherever they are and at any time, can contact you without having to impose themselves, maybe at an inappropriate or inconvenient time.

Any business will benefit from owning a mobile website - restaurant, takeaway, property management or estate agency, private clinic or any appointment-reliant business, most professional services... the list is endless ..

If you wish to discuss your requirements: in the first instance, use the form on the ' Contact/upload ' page, see link above.


Don't have a business or a web site ?

No problem, most individuals can make good use of a mobile website - just use your imagination.

If you don't have a web page, we can include a simple, straightforward page with free hosting (as a subdomain of one of our websites) without additional cost + a free link on QuickLinkMe.

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